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Marketing Fail of the Week
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Something tells me that the good folk in Salt Lake Utah didn’t realize they had a branding issue.
It pays to check out a proof before going to print.
The Cats Out of the Bag…
by Laura
In our last newsletter I alluded to a well known internet marketer we have been working with as a client.I’m proud to say I can finally tell you who he is.  Ryan Deiss–one of the smartest marketers I know.  He is a publisher of info products such as Continuity Blueprint and most recently Perpetual Traffic Formula.We have been helping his organization with Pay Per Click and SEO and I have been coaching the Perpetual Traffic Formula students along side him.Last weekend we spoke at the Traffic and Conversion Summit about SEO, Pay Per Click and Mobile Marketing.Stay tuned for the products we are producing with Ryan and his team on these subjects.
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Here is Laura Betterly with Ryan Deiss In Austin discussing mobile marketing at the Traffic and Conversion Summit?.
Welcome New Subscribers
by Laura

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Local Goes Mobile
by Laura
Did you realize that more than 50% of people on social networks access them with their mobile devices?This means that people are checking in on location based networks like Four Square and Facebook Places.If you have a locally based business, this means you need to get started using social media and mobile technology.Below is a picture I took at my local restaurant that is doing this correctly.
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Most people admit joining these programs for discounts, so give the people what they want!  Get a Facebook page for your business, get involved with Four Square an set up a mobile text program.We can help you with that so do let us know if you need us!Till Next time!
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Instant Search
by Laura
Not to be confused with instant coffee, instant oatmeal and instant gratification, Google launched it’s new Instant Search a few weeks ago.When you now search for something Google now tries to “predict” what you’re looking for and rather than just give you some suggestions, you can see the results change as you’re typing.The jury is not out on if this is really an improvement or not.  I, personally, don’t like it and have disabled it.For those of you who don’t like it, you can disable it by clicking to turn it off to the right of your search bar.There are some in the SEO community that are up in arms, but our testing has not shown this to make a difference in rankings but we suspect that some of the longer search phrases may not be searched as much because of the suggestions.
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Retargeting & Remarketing
by Steve

SO What the heck is it??

What remarketing does, is that when people visit your site or a section of your site, that visitor can be “remembered” in your advertising campaign and then even when they visit another site, you can continue to show them your advertisements. For example, someone visits your site, doesn’t buy anything, then visits and reads the news. Your advertisement can be one of the advertisements they see at CNN, even though your advertisement is actually only appearing for that visitor. You appear to be “everwhere”, even though you are not spending millions on your marketing campaign.

The power of this for an advertiser I am sure you can start seeing is just enormous, especially in view of the fact that many surveys have shown that you need to touch a person at least 7 times before they will buy anything from you. Remarketing can shorten the customer buying cycle immensely if done correctly.

Doing remarketing incorrectly however, can be kind of creepy, as certain advertisers seem to “stalk” you. But if you are surfing the web and constantly see certain advertisements, it might not be that the advertiser is doing immense national advertising campaigns, but is just retargeting you.  Click here to read more.