Hi Founders, We Cover Asian Tech Start-ups

If you happened to be a start-up founder in Asia, we invite you to share your idea and vision with us. As part of our vision to cover all-things-Asian-tech, we are open to […] Related posts: The Asian Tech Weekly Digest Chinese New Year snatched the limelight last week. To celebrate… 16 Asian Tech Stories […]

Skype Founder, Zennstrom hunts for Innovative Start-ups in China

There are a lot of giant technology companies in China. But they were all modeled after the U.S: Baidu was inspired by Google, Renren by Facebook and Jiepang by Foursquare. What China is […] Related posts: Tips to Find a Good Co-founder for your Start-up It is tough to be a solopreneur. You enjoy all… […]

The Story and Strategy behind Tokopedia

Tokopedia, the popular Indonesian e-marketplace is one of the most promising start-ups in Asia. In its initial two years, the start-up failed to receive funding from investors. But that didn’t deter William Tanuwijaya and his team. They kept faith in the idea. It was only until February 2009 that Tokopedia received its first funding from […]

Tencent to Invest $760 million in Tech Start-ups

Tencent Inc. has set up a $5 billion yuan (US $760 million) investment fund to invest in technology start-ups. The fund will focus on start-ups like gaming companies, social game, mobile game, e-commerce and new media firms. The fund, as Tencent explained is to “provide support, break through bottlenecks in the development of innovative companies, […]

Singapore start-up raises $1 million and heads to U.S

2359 Media, a Singapore-based mobile marketing provider, told Penn Olson that it has just ended its Series-A investment round with an investment sum of SGD $1 million (USD $770,000). The newly injected fund will be used for expansion to the U.S market. SingTel Innov8, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the SingTel Group, led the round, making […]

First Impression on Qwiki [INVITES]

We are invited to put the new search engine to test. First impression? Great. It lived up to the demo that we covered earlier this week. Qwiki revolutionizes information search and I’m going to stick to that. I started my alpha test by keying in my own country ‘Singapore’ and the engine provided a great […]

Hitlantis is a Gorgeous World of Indie Music

Penn Olson features start-ups. Find out more here. If you’re into music, you got to check out Hitlantis, a Finland-based free-to-listen indie music web start-up. I’m promoting it with strong reasons. My first on-trial impression was great. After signing up (takes just 30 seconds), you are thrown straight into its music database and greeted by a […]

2,700 Gamers Join Manga Castle per day

Manga Castle, a manga-style Facebook social game start up has launched MagicCastle just three weeks ago and is attracting 2,700 gamers each day. If this growth rate were to continue, it would rack over 1 million gamers by the end of 2011. Guess what, it will probably breakthrough the 1 million gamers figure as co-founder […]

Hashable Makes Twitter #Intro Social

Penn Olson features start-ups. Find out more here. Twitter introduces relevant people to its users through an algorithm. It’s good… but shouldn’t introductions be made through a real connector? It should be more personal and social. It shouldn’t be a one way event where you hit the follow button and hope that the person you just […]

Facebook Can Be Anything It Wants to Be

Facebook is a shape shifting Internet monster. With more than 500 million users, it really can be anything it wants to be. Whenever a new startup pitches an idea, one of the questions an investor might ask is if Facebook could do the same thing. That is definitely a valid question that every start-up should […]

Serial Entrepreneur Ryan Merket and his Latest Start-up, AppBistro

Three minutes with ____ is a series of short interviews with people who’re creators and thought leaders in the creative, start-up or media world. Ryan Merket was an ex-Facebook employee who left earlier this year to continue his journey as an entrepreneur. During his time with Facebook, Ryan was part of the Developer Network team […]

AppBistro is an App Store for Facebook Business Pages

Penn Olson features start-ups. Find out more here. Have a Facebook business page but do not know how to build engagement? Some cool and engaging Facebook applications could do the trick. But where do we find these applications? And how do we know which applications are effective? Launched in May 2010 at TechCrunch Disrupt, AppBistro is here […]

Manga Castle Revolutionizes Manga Through Social Gaming

Penn Olson features start-ups. Find out more here. If the U.S has Zynga and Playfish, Singapore has Manga Castle, a manga-styled social game maker. Despite just 1 year into the business, Manga Castle has achieved considerable success with investors and users. With over 15,000 likes on Facebook, Manga Castle’s product has proven to be well liked […]