The First Thanksgiving with Google Goggles [VIDEO]

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Google brings us back to the very first Thanksgiving and shows us how cool it could be if Google Goggles was available back then. This video is part of Google’s Demo Slam project, which aims to promote creativity and charisma in technology demonstration. Anyone can create a demonstration and get rated on the Demo Slam site. […] Related posts: The …

Facebook Open Graph: What it Means for Privacy

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At Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference today, the company fleshed out its plans to become the social center of the web. With the new Open Graph API and protocol and the ability to integrate websites and web apps within your existing social network, the platform will become more robust than ever before. The potential for this new technology is great — …

What do you do if your're going on TV in twelve hours and your website doesn't work?

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Sounds like an impossible situation, but that is exactly what happened last week.
Although I cannot tell you who this public figure is, I can tell you that we were contacted to finish their website, get it working so that people could view their video and fill out a form showing their support.

Yada Yada Newsletter March 16 Facebook Overtakes Google, Four Square and when to fire a client!

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More new technology…lions and tigers and bears, oh my! March 16, 2010 Marketing Fail of the Week Some of the marketing fails I put here, I find on the internet, but I found this one in my local supermarket.   I did some research and this is most probably Brittish in origin.  I don’t suspect there’s a huge market here in Florida despite …