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March 16, 2010

Marketing Fail of the Week


Some of the marketing fails I put here, I find on the internet, but I
found this one in my local supermarket.   I did some research and this is most probably Brittish in origin.  I don’t suspect there’s a huge market here in Florida despite the fact that it is microwavable!  Have any of
you ever bought this type of pudding?

The 80/20 rule…sometimes you just need to fire them…

The rule goes like this.  20% of your clients will create 80% of your work .   What happens is you try to appease them and as a result  you end up neglecting the 80% who aren’t a problem.   What do you do then when you encounter this type?  I’ll tell you: FIRE THEM and fire them quickly!

I mention this again as I was reminded this yet again last week.  No matter what, you don’t have to put up with someone who will never be happy with your service or product.   Of course, you should do some soul seraching and make sure that you don’t have anything to address personally, but if you get one of those guys on your lines just get rid of them quickly.

You know the type–never happy, always critcal and demanding more service than they paid for.  In my opinion, the biggest differentiator with these guys is how that person makes you feel.   I have a friend who says to use your “spidey” sense (reference Spider Man.)   I agree. If after a conversation, you’re feeling a bit squished–get rid of them and get rid of them quick.  You’ll find bigger and better business right around the corner!    

Even Google sometimes has SEO problems

Watch this video of Google’s SEO expert Matt Cutts on some of the things he found with Google properties:

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Local Search tip!

Have you heard of Four Square?  If you own a local business, Four Square

can help you greatly.  Foursquare is a social network fused with a game that anyone can play, from anywhere
in the world. It allows people to check in to any location they visit and your business can be part of the game.

In fact, if you are set up on Four Square, you can not only attract some business, but it will help your local search ranking.  You can sign up as a business (and add specials, etc.) by filling out your business information here.

The other big thing that is happening is mobile marketing.  I will be going over some of the mobile as well as Four Square and a bunch of other options on the next webinar.  We’ll go over how some of these changes effect you as well as some common sense strategies  to implement so that you don’t
get left in the dust.

Click Here to register.
This is one you don’t want to miss.

Enjoy.  Until next week!

Laura Betterly

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