You know that “Trololo” viral video meme with the Soviet singer (Eduard Khil) singing a lyricless song in some sort of Russian alternate dimension 1970s rendition of the late 1950s? If you do, then get this: That meme now has its own iPhone app [iTunes link]. If you don’t know what Trololo is, you can watch the video here.

The free app arrived in the Apple App Store on Saturday, and it’s free today “to celebrate the International trololo day.” It features a Jib Jab-esque re-creation of the Trololo vid, with Eduard Khil dancing across the screen in time with the music. You’re given a few ways to mess with the scene and unlock more as you use it. It’s kind of Pocket God-esque [iTunes link], but not as robust or polished.

Exactly why or how the features are unlocked is anyone’s guess; they seem to just pop up as the song plays. You can make Khil walk on lava, crush him with a deadly chicken or put a birthday hat on his head — there’s a pic below (yea, the app is kind of silly).

Khil was recently interviewed by Russian website Life News, and up until that point he hadn’t heard that he was a viral video sensation. He seemed cool with it though. “I haven’t heard anything about it,” he said. “It’s nice, of course! Thanks for good news!”

The Original Viral Video

[via gizmodo]

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