Google Search Suggestions Generate Controversy in Argentina

A court in Argentina granted an injunction filed by Argentinian Jewish organization DAIA to have Google block certain sites from its search suggestions in its Argentina search engine. The organization has deemed the sites to be anti-Semitic and offensive, and …

Android is One of the Most Successful Acquisitions for Google

In a panel earlier at GMIC, Ming Guang Yong, New Business Development Manager at Google China shared the search engine’s investment criteria. In 3 quick points: – Growth stage: Fast growth companies are […] Related posts: Tencent to Launch Android Smartphone. Google Smiles It was rumored that Tencent is set to build it’s… DCM Launches […]

Google SERP Changes – Social Search Recommendations

You knew it was coming. I mean, you really knew this was coming, right? Google just announced that social search results (let’s call them social recommendations) were just put into high gear. If you didn’t know it was coming, well, take off the blinders. Google’s update to its more “social” search experience… [[ This is […]

What Google Results Could Look Like with Some Minor Quality Adjustments

Google’s search quality has been a heated topic of discussion in recent weeks – mainly with regard to content farms permeating search results. It’s not only an issue with Google, but Google is by far the largest search engine, dominating the market by a landslide, so it gets the most scrutiny.  We thought it would […]

Bing Needs Users to Break the Google Habit

One of Bing’s Facebook fans brings up a good point about the search market. Google is simply ingrained in so many people’s online habits, Bing’s biggest challenge is to simply keep Google users from being sucked back into the Google way.  Have you tried to use other search engines besides Google, only to find yourself […]

Search Engine Super Bowl Jinx?

Has leading the way in search engine query volume replaced the dreaded “Sports Illustrated jinx” as the thing sports fans should fear?  If the trend Google noticed continues, perhaps there’s something new for superstitious sports fans to consider. Super Bowl XLV is, of course, later this afternoon, just in case you’ve just crawled out of […]

Demand Media Announces Closing of IPO

Last week, Demand Media launched its initial public offering. Today, the company announced the closing of the IPO of 10,235,000 shares of common stock at $17.00 per share. From the release: Demand Media sold 5,175,000 shares of common stock, and the selling stockholders sold 5,060,000 shares of common stock in the offering. Demand Media received […]

Should 'Write To Rank' Articles Be Punished by Google?

Google has stated many times that content should be written for the reader of the content and not to rank in search engines. I assume this would go for YouTube videos as well. It is an excellent approach for search engines to take in my opinion because theoretically if every content producer follows this standard, […]

China’s Twitter sites Censor ‘Egypt’ Search

The word ‘Egypt’ (??) was censored today by several micro-blogging sites in China, the AFP reported. I did a search on Egypt on China’s largest microblog site Sina Weibo (in Chinese of course) and got the following in return: “According to relevant laws, regulations and policies, the search results have not been shown.” It was […]

Google Says War on Spam Ranks First

Google principal engineer Matt Cutts posted a lengthy message on the company’s official blog Friday in response to recent complaints from users about the increasing prevalence of spam in search results. The war on webspam, Cutts writes, is being waged as intensely as ever, in fact saying that Google’s search quality is presently… [[ This […]

Google Offers on the Way, Should Groupon Have Sold?

Google has a new project in the works that appears to be a direct competitor to Groupon. It’s called Google Offers. According to an official fact sheet about the product, obtained by Mashable, Google Offers is "a new product to help potential customers and clientele find great deals in their area through a daily email." […]

Google Lets You Search with Local Recommendations From Specific Friends

Google announced a new Google Maps feature today, related to the company’s recently launched Hotpot social recommendation product. Now, users can search Google Maps, and request results based on the recommendations of specific friends.  "Most of us know lots of friends, each with very different areas of expertise when it comes to places to recommend. […]

14 Ways to Google Better

We search a wide variety of stuff on the web. It could range from definitions, images to maps and sometimes, even the most widely used search engine in the world may not be able to answer all our queries. No wait, or is there a problem with our search skills or knowledge? (You’ll know the […]

Google Snags Microsoft Kinect Developer

Last year, Google invested in Zynga and Ngmoco, acquired Slide and Jambool, and unveiled games intended for the Chrome Web Store in rapid succession.  Now, the search giant may be ready to take another game-related step, as it’s hired Kinect developer Johnny Chung Lee to join a special projects group. Additional details are scarce.  Indeed, […]