When people talk about content on the iPad, they mostly mention books, video, TV, and games. But there are many other niches which fit the iPad’s 9.7” screen perfectly, and one of the more important ones is comics.

It wasn’t hard to predict that big comic publishing houses will jump on the opportunity; you never know, perhaps kids will only ready comics on devices such as this in a couple of years. At iPad’s launch, Marvel will be one of them with their Marvel Comics App for iPad, featuring 500 of Marvel’s comic books with many more to come. Some of the titles featured at launch are Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Hulk, and Thor.

The app is based on the wonderful Comixology app which is already the source for Marvel comics on the iPhone. The app will also be available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and it’s free; it will come with a couple of free comics, while further titles will cost $2 per issue.

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