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A complicated pricing structure does few people any favors.  Businesses just risk annoying or alienating potential customers who don’t feel like pulling out three spreadsheets and a graphing calculator in order to predict their bill.  So it may be a good thing that Google Site Search gained a simpler pricing structure today.

A post on the Official Google Enterprise Blog explained, "To date, we’ve charged for Google Site Search based on both the number of submitted search queries and the number of pages indexed.  We noticed that many of our users had a difficult time estimating the number of pages included in the scope of their search engine, so we are introducing a new pricing system that factors only the quantity of submitted queries your Google Site Search engine receives each year."

You can see the price sheet for yourself below.  With just three columns and six rows (counting the heading), it’s pretty easy to read.

Then here’s one other important point: Google says it isn’t using this change as an opportunity to sneak a price hike past everyone.  The blog posted stated, "The vast majority of our users will be unaffected and many will even begin paying less when the new prices take effect upon their annual renewal."

So current Google Site Search users should remain satisfied, and perhaps a few mathematically challenged business owners will now decide to strike up a relationship with the product.

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  1. Whenever I go to google to search something it always finds sites in the UK, but I'm in the US?
    When I search for something prices are always in British pounds and web sites always end in a I tried going to the preferences to change something but it didn’t give me an option. Even pressing "go to" at the bottom of the main google page doesn’t work. Any suggestions?
    I’ve tried resaving as a bookmark but it still sends me to and I’ve also tried unticking the UK button as well as pressing the link that says to "go to". It’s really frustating because it always sends me to British websites when I search for things rather than american ones.

  2. Underneath the search bar there are options to search for UK or the entire web select the one that you need
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  3. thats weird..anyway ant the end of the search say ‘in us’ for exampe instead of just teddybear say teddybears in us!
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  4. if u use google toolbar then try this.
    click settings >> options >> search box settings >> use google site >> select united states of America (.com) from the drop down box >> ok >> ok >> done
    that should work.
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