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Could Google CEO Eric Schmidt be coming soon to your living room? Rumor has it that he’s interested in getting into television. 

A rather unexpected report from the New York Post today indicates that he is in fact interested in having some kind of talk show, and has even been involved in the filming of a past pilot show (which reportedly didn’t turn out too well). According to the report, he’s been consulting with Liza McGuirk, executive producer of CNN’s Parker Spitzer. 

From the NY Post:

Eric SchmidtThe two first connected on the Sunday foreign-affairs program "Fareed Zakaria GPS," which McGuirk executive produced and where Schmidt was a regular guest. When Schmidt filmed a pilot for CNN in August, McGuirk oversaw the production.

A source told us, "Eric wants to be a talk-show host. He’s been working with Liza to develop a show, but he has not yet been picked up by any network."

The report also cites a "CNN Insider", saying Schmidt has been looking to get into TV for over a year. 

Schmidt is scheduled to hand over the Google reins to co-founder Larry Page on April 4. From that point on, he will remain on as Executive Chairman, and be involved primarily with external responsibilities, such as deals, government outreach, etc. 

No TV-related tweets from Schmidt yet, so until then, we’ll take this news with a grain of salt.

He has been known to make a joke or two. Maybe he’ll land somewhere in Comedy Central’s talk show line-up. Greg Sterling suggests Dancing With the Stars.

In other, somewhat ironic news, TV and movie star Ashton Kutcher has reportedly invested in a search engine.