Japan has a Group-Buying Site for Premium Goods Only

Behold. Sorevo, a group-buying site which offers premium-products-only was recently launched in Japan. Like most group-buying site, offers for these premium products only come to fruition if enough orders were accumulated within a limited period of time. […] Related posts: The Group Buying Battleground in Singapore For a small country like Singapore, it is surprising that… Tuanyouhui Aggregates Group […]

Yodle Expands Local Search Marketing Reach

Local online marketing leader Yodle has announced its acquisition of ProfitFuel, creating the largest independent provider of local search marketing in the United States. Yodle, which has developed an integrated approach to signing up and serving local businesses that are transitioning their marketing budgets online, is the fastest-growing… [[ This is a content summary only. […]

Baidu Confirms Microsoft Partnership

Yesterday, rumors were spreading across the web that Baidu and Microsoft would be partnering together in China. Today, we received a confirmation email from Baidu acknowledging that a partnership between the two is […] Related posts: Japan’s Docomo, DeNA Announce Mobile Gaming Partnership Two big players on the Japanese mobile scene announced a… Nintendo Confirms […]

Groupon's CEO Pegs 2010 Revenue At $760 Million

When Groupon was said to have turned down a $6 billion acquisition offer from Google, many onlookers wondered what could possibly have motivated that decision.  Now we know: the ability to earn $760 million in revenue in 2010, along with the goal of bringing in over a billion this year. Those figures were mentioned in […]

Report: Ad Startup Rejects Google Acquisition Bid

As a rule, Google doesn’t put out press releases when it fails to acquire companies, making a new rumor difficult to confirm.  But the search giant may have tried to purchase an advertising firm called Admeld, and, despite having a solid reputation and more cash than many countries, been unsuccessful. Of course, Google probably didn’t […]

Acquisition Rumors Again Connect Google, Next New Networks

Rumors have indicated that Google could acquire a company called Next New Networks since at least December, and as of now, neither company has anything to announce.  A new round of reports has surfaced, however, indicating that the purchase might soon occur. The acquisition would make sense in a number of ways.  First, whether or […]

This Week on Asia Technology

First, congratulations to India as the iPad was finally introduced to the majestic country on Friday. However, sales were expected to plummet because of its late introduction, 10 months after it was launched in the U.S. We had also seen how MTV India used Twitter to push ‘Roadies 8′ into Twitter’s trending topic list. Perhaps, the […]

Nokia, Tencent and Sina to launch new Location-based Service in China

Nokia’s Ovi Map is widely popular in China and the mobile maker giant is eyeing to provide location-based service in China through its partnership with local Internet giants Tencent and Sina. The new location-based service will be built on top of Ovi Map and set to launch during the first quarter of this year, according […]

Tencent to Invest $760 million in Tech Start-ups

Tencent Inc. has set up a $5 billion yuan (US $760 million) investment fund to invest in technology start-ups. The fund will focus on start-ups like gaming companies, social game, mobile game, e-commerce and new media firms. The fund, as Tencent explained is to “provide support, break through bottlenecks in the development of innovative companies, […]

Groupon HK’s Local Strategy: Now partners with China’s Foursquare, Jiepang

This is when group buying fusions with location-based service (LBS) in Asia: Groupon Hong Kong has made the initiative to partner with Chinese location-based service, Jiepang (loosely translated as street side). For those who don’t know, Jiepang is a location-based service founded by David Liu. Liu tried Foursquare in the U.S and felt that this […]

Groupon, Tencent, Alibaba and China

Are Groupon and Tencent venturing into China? The rumor goes on but it seems that both Internet giant have already strike a deal. Mobinode confirmed it. It was rumored that the site will be fully launched this year May. To match up with Groupon’s ambitious plan in China, it was reported that 1000 staff would […]

Eight Tips for a Viral Email Acquisition Campaign

Email marketers that follow the best practices for acquisition, relevancy and deliverability still lose about one-third of their subscribers annually due to bounces, unsubscribes and spam complaints, according to the Email Experience Council. The attrition rates are even higher for less vigilant Web professionals. One strategy that can quickly… [[ This is a content summary […]

Groupon and Tencent to Joint Venture in China?

Groupon usually adopts an acquisition approach when entering a new market. In Asia, Groupon had already acquired clone sites in India, Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan. But without China and its 1.3 billion-population market, Groupon’s quest in Asia will never be completed. Groupon realizes that it needs an experience partner and it seems that China’s largest […]