As a rule, Google doesn’t put out press releases when it fails to acquire companies, making a new rumor difficult to confirm.  But the search giant may have tried to purchase an advertising firm called Admeld, and, despite having a solid reputation and more cash than many countries, been unsuccessful.

Of course, Google probably didn’t bring every penny of its $35.0 billion (as of December 31st) to the bargaining table.  Jay Yarow and Nicholas Carlson explained today, "We’ve heard Google was willing to spend $150-$200 million on Admeld, but that price was too low for Admeld."

So here’s a little more information about the company that supposedly turned down Google.  Admeld was founded in 2007, and offers a real-time bidding platform designed to help publishers sell ads.  It’s based in New York, and has been successful enough to establish offices in Berlin, London, San Francisco, and Toronto.

Also, Admeld raised $15 million in August, and the company’s vice president of operations hails from Google.

GoogleOne other fun fact: Admeld seems to be the third company to reject Google’s advances in the last little while, following Groupon and Path.

Anyway, Yarow and Carlson wrote indicated that a "source says Google will probably look at Admeld rival Pubmatic next."

We’ll be sure to report any significant updates.