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Social Media In Asia [INFOGRAPHIC]

The folks at Edelman did a neat infographic to map out social media usage across Asia. Some key insights, courtesy of Edelman Digital, who are also social media thought leaders themselves: Facebook dominates the […] Related posts: Social Media: The Air Asia Way Day one of iStrategy 2010 kicks off with an insightful… How Asia responds […]

India and Social Media

Social media is in its infancy stage in India and is growing at a fast pace. With over 25 million Indian users, it is obvious that Facebook is reigning the social media circuit […] Related posts: The Social Media Landscape in India [INFOGRAPHIC] This post is part of the series, Social Media Landscape… Social Media […]

Apple iOS in China [INFOGRAPHIC]

We got some interesting statistics about the Apple iOS in China, thanks to data from, a China-based mobile analytics company. What strikes us most in the infographic is the percentage of jailbroken […] Related posts: Apple Launches Chinese App Store in China To get into the Chinese market, we must first speak… Apple VS […]

How India uses the Internet [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s hard to believe that India only had  25,000 Internet users back in 1998. Comparing to the current 100 million Internet users, the growth India has achieved in 12 years is simply remarkable. […] Related posts: Internet Statistics In A Gorgeous Infographic Our friends from Flowtown have created a gorgeous infographic that… The Awesome Size […]

LinkedIn is now blocked in China

Professional networking site LinkedIn said its service had been blocked in parts of China, after the launch of an online campaign for Middle East-style rallies that has triggered official unease. “We can confirm […] Related posts: Xinhua and China Mobile launch New Search Engine in China After 5 months, the new Chinese search engine has […]

How Airlines Use Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

Interesting: There are more than 180 airlines using Twitter for marketing or customer services purposes. An average airline sends 4.1 tweets per day. 65 percent of the tweets are promo related while 24 […] Related posts: Twitter & The World Cup [INFOGRAPHIC] The year’s World Cup has broken many records. It isn’t… The Twitter Story […]

Koprol Launches Location-based Marketing Features

Yahoo’s Koprol, an Indonesian location-based social network has launched a series of new features which allows businesses to reach out to more consumers through its service. Businesses can now sign up for its […] Related posts: HOW TO: Create a Location-based Marketing Campaign Location-based marketing is one of the major trends in the… Is Location-Based […]

1 out of 3 Asians said “I love you” for the first time via Email

Valentine’s Day clashes with Monday blues: It isn’t an ideal day for a date. Many people will be hard-pressed to take time out for romance and emails are often the last resort to […] Related posts: Email Usage Statistics In The U.S [INFOGRAPHIC] Email marketers alert! Rackspace has compiled its business email usage… Facebook can […]

Crisis in Egypt in an Infographic… and China

The world is watching, especially in Asia where the same events could potentially happen. The Egypt crisis happened so quickly with news coming from various media platform: Twitter, Facebook, Renren, news media and […] Related posts: China’s Twitter sites Censor ‘Egypt’ Search The word ‘Egypt’ (??) was censored today by several micro-blogging… China’s Twitter sites […]

The Numbers Behind China [INFOGRAPHIC]

China is huge and growing at breakneck speed. With 1.3 billion people, China’s population is four times the size of U.S. It is the largest exporter and the world’s factory. The combined export of U.S and Europe is worth $550 billion each year. In 2009, China produced over 67 million LCD TVs and 619 million […]

Social Media Marketing in the U.S [INFOGRAPHIC]

In 2010, advertisers spent $1.7 billion on social media marketing in the U.S. So, where did most of the ad spending go to? Answer: Facebook. Facebook owned more than half of the total ad spending in the U.S last year. The recently revamped MySpace owned 17 percent while Twitter took a modest 3 percent. What’s […]

Major Challenges in Email Marketing

Email remains to be an important tool in most digital marketing strategy. Newsletter subscription, for example, is an affordable form of keeping customers updated. I have received a lot great deals alerts from Groupon and airline companies and they have somehow become my important sources for deals. I believe some of you have the same […]