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Listen Up, Folks: Google Finally Talks Panda

We've written a lot about Google's recent algorithm update nicknamed Panda and how it might affect businesses on the Web. On Friday, Google officially wrote about the changes for the first time, at least in terms of what it hopes to achieve and how websites can better align themselves with the search engine's goals. The […]

Bahrain Protest Photos Flood Flickr

Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube often get a lot of the attention when it comes to social media spreading news of revolutions and uprisings in foreign nations, but Yahoo-owned Flickr is reminding everyone that it plays a significant role as well.  Photos can say a lot, and Flickr has plenty of those. The company is highlighting […]

How Much is a Tweet or a Like Worth to You?

ChompOn has released some interesting findings (pdf) related to social media sharing and its value to e-commerce. Specifically, the firm sought out to answer the question: "What is the value of a social action in online commerce?"  What they came up with is that a Facebook Share was worth $14, a Facebook "like" was worth $8, […]

12 Successful Facebook Business Pages in India

Facebook is the top social network in India, both in terms of users (18 Million) and page views (4.25 billion). In India, a lot of brands are investing in the network to engage users and drive conversations. But the question is: How many of these brands are using Facebook to its optimum level? It isn’t […]

Alibaba Invests $4 Billion and May Surpass Walmart in Sales

Alibaba Group and its financing partners plan to invest 30 billion yuan ($4.5 billion USD) to build warehouses across China. The reason? Alibaba wants to meet a 10-year goal of delivering any online order in China within eight hours. It’s an ambitious goal. The warehouses will occupy 3 million square meters (560 American football fields) […]

The Social Media Timeline in 2010

Wow. One year has passed and today is already the second day of 2011. A lot has happened in the area of social media and technology last year. But what are the major highlight and milestones of 2010? Mindjumpers has attempted to tell us all that in an infographic. Scrolling down the long piece of […]

Twitter Users Disclosed (a lot) More Information This Year

Information is king (Facebook knows that well) and users don’t mind giving them to Twitter. A study conducted by Sysomos revealed that Twitter users disclosed significantly more information in 2010 compared to 2009. Twitter is built simple. Your bio, name, location and website url are the four key information which Twitter asks for. In short, […]

Stop Doing Social and Start Being Social

More WebProNews Videos If you’re worried about doing social media, you’re probably doing it wrong. Social media is not a goal. It’s a means to achieving goals you have probably always had as a business.  WebProNews recently spoke with Lee Odden of Top Rank Online Marketing about effectively utilizing channels that are available to you, […]

Multiple Gmail Accounts Just Got a Lot Easier to Manage

Google’s announced yet another awesome Gmail feature today. Called e-mail delegation, the feature will allow you to easily manage multiple Gmail accounts without signing in and out of Gmail and switching accounts manually. Originally, e-mail delegation was useful for granting…

Facebook's Ads: Relevant or Missing the Mark?

I’ve always seen a great deal of potential in Facebook’s advertising offering. The premise is that ads are highly targeted based on users’ profile information. Theoretically, the more a user adds info about the kinds of things they like, the better idea Facebook has about what they are actually interested in, and can serve ads […]

Google Cooks Up a New Recipe for Local Search

The engineers at Google have recently been throwing a lot of new ingredients into local search, working to improve both user experience and merchant visibility. This week’s announcement of a new local recommendation engine called Hotpot is the latest culmination of those efforts. Hotpot is an extension of Google Places, the local search… [[ This […]

NTU is Building Green Tablets for 100 million Indian Children

Many schools in India don’t have electricity to access electronic learning tools. That’s a problem, which now has a solution. Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Rice University are developing an electronic tablet that is both battery and solar powered. The device, named iSlate, is estimated to serve 100 million Indian children. “India’s full economic […]

Google Solicits AdWords 10th Birthday Tributes

For quite some time, AdWords has been good to Google and a lot of other companies, and Google would now like some outside help as it celebrates that fact.  Advertisers have been asked to contribute YouTube videos or written pieces in recognition of the tenth birthday of AdWords. Admittedly, this may sound a little self-involved […]

71% Of Internet Users Utilize Up-To-Date Browsers

The people who work on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and maybe even Safari and Internet Explorer can take comfort in the fact that their efforts aren’t going unappreciated.  A new report from Pingdom indicates that a significant majority of Internet users are running the most recent version of their browser of choice. Indeed, according to Pingdom’s […]