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Having trouble viewing this email? Click here Marketing Fail of the Week It’s good to know that the Stoner Organization is in the same building as the Office of the Attorney General…I found this in St. Pete, near my house a few months ago! Have you been SLAPPED? by Steve Every once in a while […]

Newsletter: Facebook Tops Google and Local Results Changed!

Marketing Fail of the Week Courtesy of Facebook Friend A good reason not to litter?? Facebook now TOPS Google by Laura CNN is now reporting that Facebook traffic had passed Google and in a hurry! My friend Ryan Deiss predicted this in January and man was he ever right. Now, Ryan has massed the largest […]

YYMI Newsletter April 12, meet Moolah, my cash cow!

Marketing Fail of the week found by our own Steve Blom This one is wrong on so many levels.  It does, however, gives you an idea on why historically speaking advertising not trusted!  I suspect the drug commercials and ads of today will be seen in the future in the same sort of light. Don’t […]

The search game is changing…Yada Yada Newsletter Feb 2, 2010

The game is changing again…so what’s new? FEBRUARY  3, 2010 Marketing Fail of the Week Yes, we all need those don’t we? The game is changing again… What game?  The search game.  What we all want is traffic to our sites and results.  Over the last weeks many things have happened that have changed how we do […]

Social Media, Marketing and a Cup of Puppies Yada Yada Newsletter Jan 21, 2010

Social Media is all the rage… JANAUARY 20, 2010 Social Media is EVERYWHERE… I’ve been saying this for some time as you all know, but social media is  here to stay and it has changed how we interact with our customers and friends.   Do keep in mind though that social media is not a replacement for other […]

New Years Issue Yada Yada Newsletter Jan 6, 2010

New Years Issue! Entering a New Decade Blast from the past.  This is a clip of Nile Rodgers on Tech TV talking about PCDJ.  PCDJ is DJ Software and I founded that company back in 1999. Who is Nile?  Well he’s one of the most prolific producers of all time–Madonna, David Bowie, Diana Ross–not to […]

Marketing Bloopers, Tarzan and Leg of Lamp! Yada News Dec 28, 2009

The Marketing Bloopers Issue !
Those of you who know me realize I have an interesting sense of humor. I see it in life, and I see it in marketing. This issue is a collection of things I’ve encountered this year that just don’t make sense from a marketing standpoint. I hope you enjoy!

Marketing, augmented reality and the sh*t folder-Yada news Dec 11, 2009

It’s all in the list…

I’ve been marketing for about a hundred years. OK, it’s about fifteen but feels like a hundred! I know you’ve heard it all before, but the truth is the larger your mailing list, the better you’re going to do. Technology has changed alot over the years, but this rule always applies.

Now you have to of course send out relevant information that people are interested in, but building the list is of vital importance.

Local search, SEO Tips, and the search engine wars! Yada News Dec 7, 2009

December 7, 2009 Don’t miss the next Local Search Dominator Webinar! If you have a small or medium sized business, you are not going to want to miss this. Next webinar is WEDNESDAY December 9, at 4:00PM Eastern  <#15_Link-LSD Webinar#> back to top SEO Tip of the week. Did you know that sometimes new domains […]

Marketing Turkey and Technology- Yada News Nov 24, 2009

8 Ways to save money and enjoy the holidays!

1. There’s nothing like a personal touch when it comes to gifts. With the current economic climate, making a gift shows you care but also is kind on the pocketbook.

2. Ebay–Ebay is still a good option to get the exact item you want, but want to get a “deal.”

Marketing, Google and Mr. Splashy Pants-Yada Newsletter Dec 16, 2009


Last night I got an instant message from an old friend. It was a fairly simple message. “Hey, I just found this old video of you. Check it out and it had a link.” I clicked on the link becuase she is a trusted source and was surprised to find out that it directed me to a virus site.

I was lucky. This site had already been reported and I got the warning screen and I didn’t suffer any harm. She was hacked.